To the right is the original Capillary Zone Electrophoresis prototype my father came up with way back in the Nineties. Analog as heck, but it served as the proving ground for the technologies which would later lead to a commercially viable machine. I learned a lot from it.

Here I'm testing a collimated detector, using a (very old) 488 nm Argon laser, which delivered under 30 milliWatts, while swallowing over 1800 Watts of 120 AC mains supply. You could squeeze out about 50 milliWatts if you hooked up another mains phase and doubled the power consumption, but it halved the tube's life.

We've come a long way with Solid State lasers, nowadays.

There's more to show, but I'm just setting up my YouTube channel, Twitter feed, Facebook page and all the SEO & SEM stuff, so please excuse the emptiness. HORROR VACUI!

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© 2020 Luis Hernandez Engineering